What Brighter Impacts can do for you:

  • Scientists: Looking for a Broader Impacts project that catches the attention of NSF reviewers? Want to engage with the public in meaningful ways? I will design an innovative and relevant science engagement project, build partnerships, find the right evaluator, craft a strong BI statement for your grant, manage your BI project, and handle reporting on the BI aspects of your project.
  • Colleges & Universities: Would you like to build meaningful connections between your scientific researchers and your community? Want to develop interdisciplinary courses and programs between the sciences and humanities? I can design public outreach, facilitate an interdisciplinary retreat, present a guest lecture or workshop, and help develop new interdisciplinary courses and seminars… strengthening connections across disciplines and between your campus and the local community.
  • Field Stations & Marine Labs: Want to create outreach with impact? I will help you develop artist-in-residence programs, writer’s retreats, and other creative science engagement activities for your FS/ML. Bring your research to the public — and the public to your research — in fresh, innovative ways.
  • Science Museums, Nature Centers, Parks & Public Lands: Need something exciting and new to wow your visitors? Having trouble communicating difficult or controversial science concepts? I can connect you with the right partners to design educational experiences that effectively share science with every audience.


  • Broader Impacts Project Design: There are so many creative ways to connect science to the public. With over two decades of experience in science engagement, I can design and refine your projects for citizen science, art that communicates science, science social groups, science workshops or outings, science social media, and more. 
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: In everything I do, I aim to do the hard work of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion for groups that have been marginalized. Equity work is challenging, and those of us who are privileged need to make difficult choices and try new ways of doing things. I can help you maneuver the path toward increasing DEI in meaningful ways.
  • Partnership Building: Successful science engagement means finding the right partners and building relationships. Whether your project is local, national, or international, I will help you navigate these relationships with aplomb.
  • Logic Model Design: Not every grant proposal requires a logic model, but many do. Even when they aren’t required, logic models can give your grant that extra level of clarity, helping reviewers visualize a complex project.
  • Selection of an Evaluator: Often a Broader Impacts component can feel like a mini social science research project within your scientific research. If your BI project aims to communicate science, shift attitudes, or change behaviors, then those outcomes will need to be measured by a professional evaluator. There are many evaluators trained to do this, and many are specialists. I can select the right evaluator for your BI project.
  • Literature Searches: Just as with your own research, it’s helpful for the Broader Impacts component to cite references. I will identify peer-reviewed literature that provides relevant background for your BI project.
  • Budget Development: Your Broader Impacts component needs funding in order to succeed and have an impact, but you don’t want it to take a big bite out of your research project. I will help you develop a BI budget that is just the right size to get the work done and do it well. 
  • Broader Impacts Statement: After thorough planning for the Broader Impacts component, your NSF grant proposal will need a clear, concise BI statement. With years of experience as a professional grant writer, I can craft a well-written BI statement that will make your proposal outshine the competition.
  • Project Management: Once we have secured funding for your art-science partnership project, I will serve as the project manager to keep activities on track, communicate with partners, and ensure the project is meeting everyone’s goals.
  • Reports: Reporting is not just an obligation at the end of your project; it’s an important part of stewarding good relationships with your funders. I will gather the information needed for the Broader Impacts component of your grant report, and write the report sections pertaining to the BI project. 
  • Other Grant Writing & Reporting: I can also help you identify additional potential grant funders for your science engagement project, communicate with their program officers, write grants, and report on the results of your funded project.  

Email me for information about rates, services, or other questions.