B&B Collaboratory #2

This is a guest post from Lisa Blackburn and Mark Boyd, who are art-science residents at AS IF Center through April.  (For more info on their residency, see our January 23 post, “Capturing Botanical Noise.”

Tree canopy in black and white. Photo by Lisa Blackburn

Unseasonably warm weather last week motivated us to spend time wandering through the woods. It gave us a chance to shift gears, observe, reflect and absorb the environment, and allowed our senses to relax and open up.  The temporary change of state resulted in  deeper consideration of the possibilities available for exploring the nuances of this place. We’ll continue wandering and tuning in over the next few weeks and identify a few spots for detailed focusing of our attention. For now, here’s a sampling of sound we collected that was triggered by a small tree on the AS.IF property.

Sound clip from B&B Collaboratory