B&B Collaboratory #1

This is a guest post from AS IF residents Lisa Blackburn and Mark Boyd.  (For more info on their residency, see our January 23 post, “Capturing Botanical Noise.”

Hi.  We’re Lisa and Mark.  Collectively we are the B&B Collaboratory.  We are not scientists, musicians, or academics.  Lisa is an intermedia artist, and we’re not quite sure what Mark is.  For now we’ll just say he’s a mechatronics poet.

We ARE both curious explorers of the bits of the world that are local to us.  We’re interested in the basic workings of natural phenomena. We believe there’s a lot more going on beyond the usual sensory surface of our experience of a place.  All natural things have physical energy in motion. We are looking for ways to make that energy more easily noticed and bring that information into the realm of our routine sensory perception.

We have a few ideas of how to do that, and how to share the results. We’re excited about finalizing the development of them and field testing at AS IF. If you’re around AS IF Center / High Cove and you see us working over the next few months, stop by and see what we’re up to!