The art-science conversation: two resources for deep reflection

What do we mean when we say “art-science?”

Should we encourage more of it? Can the practice of art-science, or “STEAM,” improve our schools? Since art and science have different goals and different approaches, how should we evaluate art-science? How can we level the playing field between art and science, giving each equal respect and opportunities for support? Why don’t the contributions of art to science mirror the contributions of science to art? Can we change that? Should we?

There is a growing recognition that artists and scientists alike seek truths in the world, explore new territory, build on past work, observe with the senses, generate new tools and techniques, solve problems, often collaborate, and use creativity. In recent years, many new initiatives have emerged to re-integrate art with science. However, there are probably as many ways to define art-science as there are practitioners of it. So how do we talk to each other about what we’re doing?

Two recent symposia, both available online, offer opportunities for deep engagement in this conversation. Below are links to the recorded discussions. There’s a lot of rich material worth exploring, and I hope you reflect on them and leave your comments here.

I will close with a challenge:  Note that a lot of us elephants in the room are white… what are we going to do about that?

Strange Attractors: Art, Science, and the Question of Convergence


Art & Science: The Two Cultures Converging