Public understanding of science is urgent.

Now more than ever, scientists and science organizations need innovative, effective engagement with the public. Science builds on a foundation of many minds, many voices, many perspectives, and is strengthened by being inclusive. From art-science collaborations, citizen science projects, and museums… to science social events, workshops, and social media… working with Brighter Impacts will give your research the advantage of a unique, innovative, and well-designed science engagement project, with equitable opportunities for participation.

Brighter Impacts won’t just free you up to focus on your research — it will empower your research grants to eclipse the competition.

 With over two decades of experience, Brighter Impacts provides full-service science engagement — from designing your project, advancing equity, selecting the right evaluator, creating a logic model, writing the Broader Impacts statement, managing the project, to reporting on outcomes and impacts after it’s done.

Explore this website to find out more.

Nancy Lowe

One thought on “Welcome

  1. I recommend and admire Nancy’s skills and have benefited from them directly as a Biology professor. We worked together with Spelman College undergraduates, on NSF grants, leading nature journaling excursions, and in art and science partnerships. I have turned to her repeatedly for consult and creativity. Nancy has rich experience helping both artists and scientists in collaborations, grants, and outreach, and is herself like a mermaid or centaur, having trained professionally in both art and science.


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